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Gary Levesque — Love Out Loud, A Silent Film
Love Out Loud, A Silent Film

WIZZ director Gary Levesque teams up with Blacklist in a touching film for US flower delivery service Teleflora.

Gary portrays a young man who expresses himself with red roses in the hopes of finding his one true love. In this 90’ film, we follow the journey of this hopeless romantic who, in spite of a string of heartbreaks, remains ever optimistic in being able to find his soulmate in life.

"When The Wonderful Agency and Teleflora approached me with this project, I was captivated by the idea of working on a long format film with such a strong creative potential. It allowed me a better flexibility to set the context, the background and to develop in detail the evolution of the main character as we follow this man over a long period of his life - from his childhood to adulthood. This sequence of "slices of life" reminds me of the introduction to Disney's film "Up", where the most important moments in Carl's life play out one after another."

"It was a rich and challenging experience to see the character's design evolve throughout the film, both in terms of styling and the ageing of his face, while also working on a range of  expressions."

"I come from 3D, so the creation of this universe in 2D all in black and white (with a few brushstrokes of red to highlight the flowers) was a great opportunity to create longer shots, a varied cast of characters and to craft a more elaborated narrative." -- Gary Levesque, director

The campaign launches across multiple platforms including YouTube, Hulu, Tubi and Facebook & TV for the U.S. market...just in time for Valentine’s Day.




Client: Teleflora
Senior Director, Consumer Marketing: Danielle Mason
Senior Manager, Product Marketing: Scott Price

Agency: Wonderful Agency
Chief Creative Officer: Darren Moran
Executive Creative Director: Amber Justice
Assoc. Creative Director / Writer: Alan Snider
Assoc. Creative Director / Art Director: Shaun Wright
Producer: Rich Rosenthal

Production Company: Blacklist
Managing Director: Adina Sales
Executive Producer: Karen Lawler
Producer: Jodi Kraushar

Animation House: Wizz
Director : Gary Levesque
Producer : Amanda Stubbs
- Jeremy Pires
- Vic Chun
- Bernard Bui
- Andrei Sitari
- Emmanuel Lantam
Compositing : Philippe Valette
Character Design : Leila Courtillon & Andrei Sitari
Background : Gary Levesque & Lucas Durkheim
Music Studio: Airbox Music Publishing
Original Music: Andrew Shapiro
Music Producers: Michael Riesman and Andrew Shapiro

Brand : 
Agency : 
Wonderful Agency
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