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New Campaign for Oasis O Verger!

Oasis has teamed up with Wizz & Marcel Agency to launch "O Verger" its new fruity waters with 6 films + a print campaign in Paris.

Wizz produced "D'amûre et d'eau fresh" campaign featuring 3D "Ptits Fruits". For this brand new campaign, each film was shot in stop motion, a collaboration hand-in-hand with Creative Team Jules & François under the supervision of Wizz director and animator Victor Haegelin.

"We fuse a variety of animation techniques (including stop-motion, miniature sets, 2D and CG) into those funny films. : acting characters was done in 2D, the fruits were scanned in 3D, their expressions sculpted under Zbrush, before being printed in 3D and the final fruit was painted entirely by hand. All sets were created in 3D, except for the stream, which was shot in studio. We built 450 pieces to bring our characters to life and shot in 12 days + 10 weeks of production to give birth to this campaign". Check out the Making of to see how we conceived the campaign.

Making Of

Client: Oasis
Agency:  Marcel Paris
Directors: Jules Jolly & François Guyomard (feat Victor Haegelin@wizz)
Production: Wizz / Quadgroup
Sculptures: Illumine créations
Postproduction: Fix Studio
VFX Supervisor: Jonathan Lagache
Producers: Matthieu Poirier I Ilona Marcus
Sound: Schmooze

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