About 'Wizard With A Gun' Reveal Trailer By Gary Levesque

Spell-slinging, surviving, and saving the world. Dust off your wizard hat and mosey into the Shatter to discover a world of mysteries in this second trailer for Wizard With A Gun.

Client: Devolver Digital
Directors: Gary Levesque
Producer: Claire Madigan
Character Design: David Maingault
Storyboard Artists: Gary Levesque
Lead Background Artists: Jerome Perrillat Colomb
Layout Posing: James Molle
Animators: James Molle, Etienne Faivre , Martin Zephyr
Interns: Yuha Cho, Naomie Escoute, Jean Laplace
2D FX, Antoine Vincent
Compositing: Mathieu Betard
Production Coordinator: Akito Martel
Clean Animation : Pudoctopus

Wizard With A Gun Part 2 "Reveal Trailer"