About Welcome Milli

We are proud to welcome Milli to the WIZZ family.

Milli is the directing moniker of Vic & Leyla. They've worked together since their graduation film and have spent the last decade working across formats, as directors, animators and art directors. From commercials and music videos to documentary features, Vic & Leyla's solid technical knowhow and whirlwind of creative ideas makes them valuable partners on any kind of project.

We mark their arrival with a charming charity film for the Salvation Army in Australia to lift your spirits. Produced by WIZZ, this heartwarming, hand-drawn cel animation style of this is another example of how their carefully considered approach achieves storytelling and delicate balance of emotion.

WWF - "2 Degrees is too much"
Salvos - "Santa"
Pink - "It Takes a village"
Pink - "ripping the bandaid"