About Old Speckled Hen 'Fox of the world' directed by Rick & Mario

Henry, the fox mascot for Old Speckled Hen pale ale, gets a brisk update with traditional 2D animation in these three new spots directed by Rick & Mario for the UK.

R&M: “The creatives approached us with a very exciting brief: To re-imagine the classic OSH fox character, preserving his essence and hinting at its tradition but bringing it to a newer generation.

“It is always a challenge when it comes to blending tradition and innovation and interestingly enough, it was a process that happened between us, the agency, and the client as well. The client came with the tradition, we came with the innovation and the agency creatives worked in managing and fine-tuning the creation of the film.

“That’s the magic of cinema as a collaborative medium. No bottlenecks, no fear of the new. The only way to create something unexpected and original is by opening up to new minds in an inclusive environment.”

The Film