About new talents Raphael Vangelis And Rick & Mario

Say Hi To Raphael Vangelis and Rick & Mario!

Graphic design and craft are at the core of Raphael Vangelis' work. Fluent across a variety of disciplines, from stop motion and 3D animation to live action, Raphael takes a hands on approach from concept to post production, and often combines all of these to create a visual language for the story at hand. As seen in his work for brands such as Nike, Huawei and Bombay Sapphire, Raphael's visual experiments explore the boundaries between the physical and the digital.

Rick & Mario, are a directing duo specialising in beautifully crafted 2D/3D characters and environments. They’re exceptionally talented and versatile, having worked as art and creative directors at Passion, The Mill and MPC. They’ve won multiple awards for their art direction, notably for BBC Olympics and their Gorillaz music videos, by re-defining the 3D aesthetics, and incorporating a painterly and crafty quality to their work. "Dark Noir," a branded short film for Absolut, won Gold at the ADC and is celebrated as a unique piece within the animation industry. More recently their film for "Project Literacy" won a Gold Lion and the Grand Prix in Cannes.

Rick & Mario / Peperami - We Are Animal
Rick & Mario / Pilgrims Choice - Dishes of Your Dreams, Pita
Raphael Vangelis / Analogue Loaders
Raphael Vangelis / Logitech - G915 Keyboard
Full Rick & Mario Reel
Full Raphael Vangelis Reel