About "Immortals Fenyx Rising" for UBISOFT by CRCR

For Ubisoft’s new game/adventure franchise Immortals Fenyx Rising, WIZZ collective CRCR plunges you into the heart of an epic battle led by our heroine Fenyx against a barrage of mythological monsters.
Get an exclusive in-depth look at our team’s inspirations and aspirations during the creative process in the making-of film below.

Director: CRCR
Producer: Matthieu Poirier
Executive Creative Director: Stephane Santana
Executive Creative Director: Benjamin Dessagne
Copywriter: Joseph Rozier
Artistic Director: Théophile Robaglia
Head of production: Isabelle Darroman
TV producer: Pierre Boudin
Sound production: Schmooze

Making-of director: Mathieu Spadaro
Making-of producers: Marion Berdoati Sauzedde, Matthieu Poirier

Animated Trailer
Trailer Making-Of