About Midnight Fight Express Trailer by MILLI

An unexpected hero emerges on the city's darkest night.

You’re Babyface, a former member of the criminal underworld lured back into “the life” by a mysterious AI drone. Your mission against impossible odds: Fight your way across the city before sunrise, and prevent a citywide criminal takeover together.

Engage in a brutal and hyper-kinetic brawling ballet, using every environmental tool and street fighting technique at your disposal. Level up your abilities to take down the mounting onslaught of bozos, cronies, and crime lords.

Production: WIZZ / Quad Group
Director : Milli
Producer: Claire Madigan
Production Coordinator: Rebeca Hayem
Animators : Mehdi Tebbakh, Mathieu Betard, Roman Guillanton, Louise Bailliet, Vic Chhun
Animation interns : Emma Guyot de la Hardrouyère, Zéphyr Martin, Jean Laplace
Background : Noé Giuliani, Agathe Sanaa, Zéphyr Martin, Leyla Kaddoura
Compositing : Mathieu Betard , Noé Giuliani

Midnight Fight Express - Launch Trailer