About 'Hayward Magic' By Victor Haegelin

Directed by Victor Haegelin for Wieden+Kennedy to inspire the next generation of track and field stars, this film was produced in only a handful of weeks and created with 24 frames per second – a rare feat in stop-motion animation. The film's name, Hayward Magic, comes from the setting of the opening scene, a historic sports complex and the home of the University of Oregon’s track and field teams since 1921.


Client: Hayward Magic

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Production: Psyop & WIZZ
Animation: WIZZ
Director: Victor Haegelin
Executive Producer: Andrew Linsk
Sr Producer: Michael Neithardt
Sr Producer (Wizz): Amanda Stubbs
Animator: Julien Jourdain
DOP: Jeremy Lesquenner
Set design team: Géraldine Stivet, Bertrand Leclerc, Tifenn Danion, Kenza Mekiri

'Hayward Magic' by Victor Haegelin