About Google Play Games By Illogic

To launch Google's new mobile gaming product, Google Play Games, which allows users to play their favorite Android mobile games on their PCs, the LA-based creative agency Omelet tapped WIZZ's Oscar-nominated directors, Illogic, to bring the spots to life with feature film-quality animation.

The spots involve an iconic squad of wildly different and beloved characters working together to venture across a player’s room and reach a PC gaming station. The surprising IP character mashup includes Gingerbrave from Cookie Run: Kingdom, Rose Knight and Frostwing from Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars, and Wind Panda Warrior from Summoners War: Chronicles. All characters featured come from some of the biggest mobile gaming megahits with hundreds of millions of downloads.

The Illogic team seamlessly blended these gaming stars into their environment and delivered a momentous action sequence featuring the entire cast. Though, it was the final leap which stood out for Illogic, “Gingerbrave’s face plant has to be the favorite moment for us, it really captures the slapstick meets epic vibe of the spot.”

Client: Google Play
Agency: Omelet
Production: WIZZ & Psyop
Director: Illogic
Animation: Illogic Studios
Mix: Lime
Music: Human Worldwide

Google Play Games