About "Be Mine Tonight" by Gary Levesque

Is she playing the game or is the game playing her? We'll never quite know the answer, but there's no denying the enduring joy of a great arcade hall. Somehow the sound of a soda fountain and the smell of popcorn and candy mixed in with a menagerie of game sounds and lights signals the brain to release a rush of endorphins the moment you insert a coin. This atmosphere of atemporal nostalgia goes perfectly with Breakbot's signature sound, and if you look closely, you'll see him along with other Ed Banger easter eggs hidden in this music video.

Director: Gary Levesque
Production: Wizz
Producer: Matthieu Poirier
Animation: Remi Bastie, Gianni Bouyeure, Jules Bourges, Basile Cortale, Nathan Harbonn Viaud, James Molle, Tom Rameaux, Quentin Rigaux
Character design: Jocelyn Charles
Bg Artist: Fabio Besse
Compositing: Benoit Galland

The Music Video
Line Tests