About Brightdrop 'Life Is A Journey' By Victor Haegelin

BrightDrop, a tech startup from GM creating solutions to help decarbonise last-mile delivery and logistics, has teamed up with Moving Brands to launch a new brand story in an inspiring stop-frame animation film.

Captured in one extraordinary uninterrupted shot, the film tells the story of the world outside our windows and how BrightDrop’s solutions can play a key role in connecting people throughout the journey of life.

Exploring the many meanings of the word ‘delivery’ and how it is ever present and evocative of connection, wellbeing, security and progress, the film demonstrates BrightDrop’s genuine connection to the world around us.

Bright Drop | Client
Victor Haegelin | Director
Wizz | Prod Co
Moving Brands | Agency
Luke Acret | Creative Director
Lee Brotherhood | Global Narrative Director
Jemma Campbell | Head of Creative, US
Cindy Wu | Senior Project Manage

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Brightdrop By Victor Haegelin