About Boss Beauties By Milli

The Boss Beauties Foundation is on a mission to make a difference providing mentorship programs and internships to women in High School and College, while funding scholarships for women in the community. Supported in part by a 10,000-NFT collection of digital portraits to capture the empowered women they want to see and be in the world. Super BBs marks their next evolution.

Production Company: WIZZ / Quad Group
Director: Milli
Producers: Amanda Stubbs, Claire Madigan
Production coordinator: Rebeca Hayem
Background artist: Leila Courtillon
Layout artist: Jules Bourges
Animators: Yannis Boultadakis, Gianni Boyeure, Bernard Bui, Leonard Ferrer, Angele Legras, Leyla Kaddoura, Clémence Tuloup
FX animator: Théo Carmes
Assistant Animators: Emma Guyot, Zéphyr Martin
Composting: Noé Giuliani

Boss Beauties 'Super BBs' By Milli